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- If ionize this water,
- To become drinkable alkaline ionized water by (+)ions (Ca+, K+, Na+, Mg+ etc) in (-)pole
- To become acidic ionized water which is good for skin by (-) ions (Cl-, S- etc) in (+) pole
- Speedy absorption because of smaller water cluster.
- Speedy spread because of electric energy.
- High absorption because it ionizes essential mineral inside water to electric energy.
- Remove of active oxygen because of high reducing power of over -250㎷(ORP).
- by electric energy and hydrogen gas.
- Activation because it is ionized by electric shock.
- Foods cooked with ionized water taste better.
- Soak in alkaline water for thirty minutes to one hour before cooking, it makes rice sticky and improves the taste.
- It removes the bitter taste of coffee and sour taste of red tea, and enhances the unique taste and fragrance of the tea.
- Drinking 1~2 glasses before sleeping or in empty stomach in the morning, would be good.
- Wash and rinse with alkaline water to maintain freshness.
- Powdered milk with weak alkaline ionized water would be good for baby’s health.
- Using alkaline water, flavors are enhanced and any acrid or bitter tastes associated with the foods are eliminated.
  The fishy taste is also removed.
- Acidic water softens and adds elasticity to skin and hair.
- Stay fresh longer when acidic water is used.
- Effect of sterilization, prevention of smell, bleaching in washing a chopping board, tableware etc using acidic water.
  Hygienic kitchen culture starts
- Use acidic water for brushing teeth and removing plaque helps with gum disease.
- When bitten by worms, it relives itching and helps sterilization.
- When repair hair of pet using acidic water, it makes beautiful and glossy and stop hair off.