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Welcome to NEWTEC Co.,Ltd Website!!
New Tec Co is the leading exporter of Alkaline Water Ionizers, Stainless twin gear, Plastic single gear juicer.
Especially, I am a representative worldwide for Alkaline Water ionizer that are made in EOS Hitech Co., Ltd.
The manufacturers, being cooperated with us, have enough working experience in manufacturing their products for more than 10 years, especially, EOS Hitech Co. that produce Alkaline Water ionizer is the number one quality oriented company in Korean.

New Tec Co. is a leading company to sell Alkaline water ionizers to USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand and some of Europes, the stainless twin gear juicer was successfully launched in "Selfridge Department Store" in the year of 2007. Also, our single gear juicer has been in a top ranking as hot selling one in Korea for a long time & as steady selling ones in USA,
Australia & Europe.

We offer the best consultations and the best Prices on our products you will find anywhere and do our best to answer every conceivable question on our products.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact to me. Thanks and best regards .